Saltmarsh Paddle is gearing up for another top-rated season.


Home to dozens of amazing things to do, see, and explore, Hilton Head Island has become the summertime getaway for thousands of travelers, adventurers, casual vacationers, and families. Water activities are a big deal here, and everyone always has fun—regardless of skill levels and prior experiences. And, while there are a bunch of things to experience and do, Saltmarsh Paddle Tours has been a top-ranked option with some of the best summertime fun for all kinds of adventure-seeking guests to Hilton Head.

Summer Kayaking in HHI was a BLAST!

This past summer was an absolute blast for everyone to Hilton Head. Natives, locals, and travelers alike loved the feel of the warm sunshine, the smells of the salt waters, and the dozens of opportunities for fun and exploration. Dubbed the Lowcountry, this area of Hilton Head Island is a must-see throughout the year, but summer holds a special place as the ON season. When visitors and locals alike can get out and really enjoy the sunshine, surfs, and seashores.


Saltmarsh Paddle Had a Fantastic Summertime Turnout

Saltmarsh Paddle Tours has an amazing turnout every year, but 2017 proved to be something special. The turnouts were fantastic and everyone, staff and visitors alike, had a great time. The entire staff are kayak pros and well-versed, hospitable tour guides; therefore, guests are well-taken care of and safe throughout the tours. The owner, Dean Windley, instills safety and fun into his staff, which shines through in the positive experiences of their visitors, especially this past summer.

Guest Memories, Positive Experiences, and TripAdvisor Reviews

Located on 101 Marshland Road in Hilton Head, Saltmarsh Paddle Tours is a kayaking experience that gives guests up-close and gorgeous views of the salt marshlands and surrounding waters. There is abundant wildlife, tons of beautiful vegetation, and an overall calm and peace that settles over the kayakers. With that said, guests have a blast and make some of the best travel memories with Saltmarsh Paddle Tours. As a matter of fact, many of those guests have taken the time to relay their positive experience via TripAdvisor reviews.

★★★★★  Edwin Y. commented, “Great fun today renting a kayak. Called, set an appointment, and met the owner at a nice dock by the restaurant. He was early and gave me great instruction on where to go and what to look for. Equipment was clean, modern, and worked great. Had a wonderful time and would highly recommend. Will definitely bring my family back.”


★★★★★  Misty Presley, a visitor from Abingdon, Virginia, said, “We had an amazing time on our two-hour guided kayak tour. The best thing we did all week at Hilton Head! Great experience.”


★★★★★  Bruce B. took his whole family, including two teens, and they all had a great time. “Just got back from a great kayaking trip through Broad Creek. Our guide took us [a group of 6] and was incredibly knowledge about all the wildlife. We saw a dolphin, several manatees, a shark, lots of shrimp jumping around the kayak, and hundreds of birds. I never realized there were so many types of birds. Kids had fun! Highly recommend.”


New Experiences and Adventures for Fall and Winter

The great thing about Saltmarsh Paddle Tours is their hours of operation. You can rent a kayak or book a kayaking tour year-round, regardless if summer a.k.a. the Hilton Head ON season is over. They are open seven days a week, offering everything from private tours, to two-hour group tours, or simple kayak rentals for a set time. Rates, of course, change in the fall and winter, but you can expect everything to be affordable and well worth the prices. Rentals include kayaks, life jackets, paddles, and instructions on where to go, what to see, and when to be back.


Where and How to Book a Hilton Head Kayaking Experience

If you want to book a Hilton Head kayaking experience with Saltmarsh Paddle Tours, your best option is to call and schedule an appointment. Hours are kept updated, customer service is excellent, and you can book a reservation over the phone—no problems. The number is 843-422-3965. As stated above, the located is 101 Marshland Road on Hilton Head Island in South Carolina.