Pros and Cons of Being Your Own Kayak Tour Guide

When you go to the Saltmarsh Paddle Tours website to book a kayak tour, you might notice that you have two options. One for a guided 2-hour tour across Broad Creek and other salt marshes (salt marsh), and another for a self-guided tour where you rent the kayak, paddles, and safety accessories. While the choice is yours, there are pros and cons to both. However, kayaking in general is a positive, athletic adventure; one that you are sure to have fun on regardless of your choice in a professional kayak tour or a self-guided do-it-yourself paddle tour.

How Self-Guided Tours Will Affect Kayak Equipment Rental Rates

When you book a kayak tour with Saltmarsh Paddle, we have a variety of times to choose from, including early mornings and towards sunset. We even offer a late-night fireworks display every Tuesday in the summertime—all from the convenience of your kayak. These prices vary through the seasons, but they generally hover around $25 for adults and $15 for children under 12. We also offer private tours for you and your family with prices to reflect a personal kayak tour.

With that said, a self-guided kayak tour includes all of the elements you might need to get you started. You can rent a single kayak for $20 per 2 hours. Or, you can rent double kayaks for $35 per 2 hours [and $10 per additional hour]. However, you opt for either kayak rental for the entire day for $45 to $55. Which is a definite deal because that price includes a life jacket, paddles, well-kept kayak, and quick, but thorough, instructions on safety and location.

Great low tide kayaking! Just got back from great time kayaking the Broad Creek! Dean took us out and was incredibly knowledgeable about the wildlife. Saw dolphin, several manatee, a shark.....lots of shrimp jumping in the kayak and lots of birds. Kids had fun! Highly recommended!

Pros of a self-guided Kayak Tour

  • You get to explore the salt marshlands at your own pace. You can rent a kayak for a whole day, then use your time to relax and paddle around where you want to. No sticking with a tour guide or any group requirements.
  • You can map out your own adventure. When you rent a kayak, you are given a run-down of the area and instructions on which marshlands and areas are the best to visit. You might find beaches on your paddling travels, or you may get to experience the vastness of Hilton Head’s beautiful wildlife.
  • Self-guided kayak tours give you a chance to be athletic, but on your own time. When you go with a group of kayakers, you have to keep pace to ensure you don’t miss anything or get left behind. When you are self-guided, you can exercise and paddle at your leisure. You can slow down, speed up, or just chill out for a minute, all because YOU want to.
  • Self-guided kayak tours are times for reflection as much as exploration. There is nothing quite as soothing as being in calm waters, with a gentle breeze ruffling your hair. It unwinds your nerves, relaxes your mind, and soothes your very soul.

Cons of taking a self-guided Kayak Tour

  • No professional guides to point out things of interest. When you take a self-guided kayak tour, you are relying on yourself to catch glimpses of nature, then submit them to your memories.
  • The tides can change quickly and be troublesome. When you are out on your own kayak trip, you can get caught up in the currents of the changing waters. This could lead to a misdirection that throws you off of your course.
  • If you are a first-time kayaker, you might have trouble getting your paddle rhythm going by yourself. Paddling is harder than it looks, but it’s easy to grasp.

Remember, if you have qualms about taking a self-guided kayak tour, build up your confidence with a guided kayak tour first. You can always rent a kayak of your own at a later date, when you feel more confident in the water and your abilities.

Where can I book my Hilton Head Kayaking tour?

Our kayak tour company, Saltmarsh Paddle Tours, is located at 101 Marshland Road on Hilton Head. You can check out our exact location on Google Maps. Or, see what other guests are saying about us with reviews on TripAdvisor. When you want to book a tour, either self-guided or professional, give us a call to reserve your tour time at 843-422-3965. We are in the office from 8AM to 7PM daily.